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Bryan works as the Director Of Information Technologies at a small company. Over the years he has had a plethora of hobbies, but the longest-lasting has been his service with the Lewisville Fire Department as a Reserve, and as "Ashes" the Life And Fire Safety clown. He can also sometimes be found as a secondary character, "Professor Pootwaddle."

Tressia "TJ"

In addition to being active in church, TJ is an advid gardener. She loves working in our yard and keeps an array of beautiful color growing year-round. She also is a Life And Fire Safety Clown and is either a lady hobo clown aptly named "Petunia," or as athe character clown "Sweet Tart Kid." Look for pictures of her garden in our web gallery.


Jennifer is now married and starting a family all her own with her husband, Cary. Jennifer was our main photographer for a long period of time, thus earning the moniker "Gadget." She and Cary can now be found taking pictures and supporting our efforts at a lot of the events where Ashes and Petunia are performing. Cary fits right in and has a great sense of humor. He's working on a character, and some clown skills so dont' be surprised when we add another family member to our troupe.

Our Pets

Over the years we have had a number of pets, both common and exotic. We currently have 3 cats (Vader, Ditto and Athena) and Spike Jones, our green iguana. Look for pictures in our web gallery.

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